Friday, 29 November 2013

My Friends

My Friends
Freya and Arianna are my friends to guide me. Freya lives round the corner and she is in my class. When I cry she asks me what’s wrong I tell her and she helps me. Freya always plays with me we play spies.

Arianna is my pen pal. She sent me a minion hat I sometimes wear it to school and a card and it said “To Erin I am sorry to hear about your hair so I am sending you a purple minion hat to keep your head warm. I hope you like your new house and Rocco likes it too.” I felt really happy when I got it.

Friends are important because if you’ve got alopecia and someone makes fun of you your friend will tell the teacher. It’s good to have friends that care.

This is a picture of me in my minion hat called Steve.

You can get minion hats (and other crochet hats) from this lovely lady Meopham's Minions

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

My Hats!

       My Hats
The cool thing about alopecia is you get to wear hats in class and no one else gets to. My alopecia is behind my head, on top of my head and on the sides so you don’t see it much but I like to wear my hats because it makes me feel better just in case I fall over and I’m not wearing a hat people might see it.

My favourite hat
I love my skeleton hairband and wear that lots to school.
My home favourite hat is my New York hat because it’s a swag chick one.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

When I first found out

My Life With Alopecia
When I first found out
When I first found out that I had alopecia, I was a bit upset when my mum told me what it meant. Because when you hear that your hair is falling out you think you’re going to be bald straight away.

I went to the doctors and I didn’t understand what they said but my mum told me what it meant. When I heard the word blood test I was a bit frightened because I have never had one before and it sounded like it was a lot of blood and that it was going to hurt. My brother had 2 because he got a fat neck and he told me that it didn’t hurt, so I felt a bit better. It didn’t feel that bad it was just a little pinch, it did make me squeeze when the needle went in.

My big brother Jake, in our onesies

School with alopecia

When I went to school with alopecia I was a bit scared because I thought people were going to bully me. But it didn’t happen.
In lessons I cried a bit because I feel like it was all going to fall out straight away. Then I told Freya my best friend she kept on saying alopecia but she didn’t know what it meant, so I told her what it meant. Then we agreed that she wouldn’t tell anyone else. Now I feel better about my alopecia because everyone knows and I have my blog.

Monday, 25 November 2013

And so it begins

Today was the day Erin's classmates were going to be told about her alopecia:

Before they talked about my alopecia Mr. B told me to go round the school asking teachers to sign a sheet. It took a long time. While I was going to every class Mr. B told class 7 about my alopecia.


G called me baldy so I called him hairy.
He was with his friend H (To help him fight just incase! )H is strong and when I say strong I mean very strong!

After Lunch
I told off G and H for calling me baldy. They said didn’t say any thing or do any thing but they still got told off. He did say sorry though. I forgave G and H. I feel sad and happy, I’m sad because he called me a baldy but I’m happy that everyone knows just in case I get bullied in the playground someone will help me.