About Erin

Erin was diagnosed with Alopecia in November 2013. We won't talk lots about that here, you can read plenty about it on the blog.

Erin is so blummin funny, she has me in stitches all the time. She's not your typical barbie loving pink princess, kinda girl... (in fact she makes pukey noises at barbie adverts and threatens her older brother with barbie presents as an insult!)

She's a born adventurer, loves to discover things, anything... my handbag and her bedroom are often full of stones, dug up crockery, pine cones and fossils. Erin absolutely dotes on our two dogs Rocco and Luna (of which you will find photos of on the blog) and may one day make a very fine vet... a rocking, drummer vet that is. She also plays the drums!

Erin is without doubt one of the kindest most inspirational people I know, I hope that her blog might even help other children or even adults out there going through the alopecia journey, it has certainly helped her immensely.

I am beyond grateful to everyone that takes the time to comment and send their love to Erin, it means a lot to us both.

Erin & Best Friend Freya

NB - Erin is pictured above wearing a trendco real human hair wig