Sunday, 28 September 2014

Alopecia Awareness Month

September is alopecia awareness month and Alopecia UK are asking you to "Give AUK a Hand" by donating to their charity! Text HAND83 £5 to 70070 or donate online  


Thursday, 11 September 2014

New School

It has been the summer holidays, which we have JAM PACKED full of fun times, I'm sure Erin will have loads to share about what we've been up to but I just wanted to share this with you for now.

Erin got a place at the local village primary school 2 days after going back to school in September! It was very quick, we found out on the monday and she started on the tuesday!!

Today I am so utterly PROUD of Erin! She did a talk to her new class HERSELF (the teacher was going to do it) reading facts about alopecia from which is aimed at children AND her own personal experience that she wrote. She said she had lots of questions too that she answered. I wish I could have seen it. This is only her 3rd day at the school... She rocks!!

Well done Erin, love Mum xx