Thursday, 25 January 2018

IIIIII'm Baaaack

I cant believe how long it's been since I've done a post. Sooooooooooo much has happened! We've moved house (to Somerset), I've started secondary school, made lots of new friends and my hair grew back... then fell out again. Twice. 😤

We sold our house but I still had school so we had to live with my Nan. At school, every year at the end, the year sixes have a reward ceremony and guess what? I got the Academic Achievement award!YAY! 😝

We moved on Saturday 4th August, it was a long, long, everlasting journey. On the first night we didn't have any of our stuff, which was a little annoying but we managed to go through it. We moved into a beautiful thatched cottage 30 minutes from the beach! 😎

Before we moved I had an induction day at my new secondary school that I really enjoyed and mum and I thought that it was the one. So we chose it and I went to the summer school, which was obviously in the summer holidays. That was really fun, we wrote fantasy stories, went bowling, did art and much more. I've joined Primary Pals, am an Anti Bully Ambassador, on the Festival Committee, helping the community... basically everything! I also was part of the school production, Into The Wood, I was only in the chorus/dance because I'm a year 7. I'm loving it. 😊

The most amazing thing happened! I have a baby sister (Mila) and she's just turned 2. She's so cute and doesn't stop talking! I could just kiss her all over! 😘

I'm going to try to be more active on the blog and post lots more because of how much has happened. Thanks you guys for helping me get through my first years of 'Me And My Alopecia'.💘

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Sue Hampton Author Visit

On September 29th Sue Hampton, an author with alopecia, was coming to my school to explain alopecia and talk about her books. When the assembly started I was a tiny bit apprehensive but also I was excited. Sue said that she was normally the only person in the WHOLE school with alopecia, my two friends sitting next to me looked straight at me.

In the assembly Sue called me to come up to the front with her so we both could talk about alopecia - at that stage I was really nervous! Sue talked about her life with alopecia and how she became and author.

After the assembly Sue came into each of the classes to talk more about her books and read us pages  or a chapter of a few of them.

At the end of the day Sue was selling her books at the school playground. Almost EVERYONE crowded around the table so me and mum waited until they had gone. Then I bought two more books to read and had a nice little chat with Sue. After that mum thought it would be a good idea to take a picture of me and Sue so we did but a horse photo-bombed us! :D

When I got home I was super thrilled that it all happened (plus I can relax) and I was pleased that everyone should understand me and my alopecia.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Alopecia AWARENESS Month!!

Erin's story of her head shave made it into our local news!! fantastic piece of Alopecia Awareness just ahead of September Alopecia Awareness Month!

Then after this, we were called by ITV Anglia News and asked if they could come and film Erin and chat to her about her alopecia, her head shave and also this blog!! Erin and I were both super nervous but really pleased with the final piece that aired on TV:

Erin's fundraising has shot up now to £910!!! If you can help us break the £1000 barrier for Alopecia UK that would be amazing!

Monday, 24 August 2015

BeBold Alopecia Kids Camp

5 Favourite things about BeBold Alopecia Camp for Kids

THE THEME: It was an Indian & cowboy theme. It makes it even more fun with the guns and bows & arrows I ran through the forrest shooting indians (I was a cowgirl).

THE TALENT SHOW: seeing all the other kids sing, dance etc, with confidence with their alopecia, it made me want to do it next year. PS I'm going to be playing the drums.

MARSHMALLOWS AROUND THE CAMP FIRE: there was loads of different sized marshmallows (huge, small etc) plus I love cooking and eating them.

MAKING FRIENDS: I made new friends and also met old friends. It's excellent to be around other kids with alopecia because I know I'm not alone.

SAMSAM BUBBLE MAN: there's this bubble man who also has alopecia. With 9 world records, 3 blue peter badges! He's made a bubble so big 50 people could fit in it! And made a bubble with 56 bubbles inside!
me blowing a bubble with my hands

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Head Shave for Alopecia UK

Because so much of my hair has fallen out now I wanted to shave it. Dad said he would shave his too so I didn't have to do it on my own. Mum suggested we get some donations for Alopecia UK too as they've really been good for us.

I was really nervous and Mum said as it's the summer holidays I could get my ears pierced to cheer me up. It was scarier getting my ears pierced than getting my head shaved!! They used a weird gun thing to put the earrings in.

After a day chilling with Mum and Jake I shaved my Dad's head! First we shaved it into a mohican for a laugh, we all thought he actually looked pretty cool! He felt soft like puppies ears!!

When it was my turn I was nervous and excited. We shaved mine into a mini mohican too and I decided it was really cool so decided to keep it with that little bit on top! It was a surprise to see exactly how much has fallen out now it's shaved... one side looks like a leopard!


So far (when we wrote this) I've raised £530.50, our target was only £100!!!! I feel so proud at how much I raised, click this link to donate....

When I first looked in the mirror I can't believe how much I liked it, I even feel better about my alopecia.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

NHS Wig fitting!

Today I went back to the orthotics for my NHS wig. There's a children's waiting room with colouring and a TV with cbbc on! Everyone there is really nice, especially Sarah, she's the hairdresser.

Sarah had ordered in 3 wigs, one was too dark, one was too auburn and one was juuuust right! (sounds like goldilocks!!). Sarah put the best wig on me without looking in the mirror until it was all on so it was a surprise.

When she showed me in the mirror I thought "wow" it looked like human hair, literally! But it's synthetic! I really liked the length too, it's shorter than my other wig and has a fringe.

My new wig!
She helped me to put it on by myself which has helped my confidence as I want to be able to do it myself. It will be much easier for swimming at school and things now I can do it myself.

I was a bit upset this week after even more hair has fallen out so getting a new wig today AND learning how to put it on all by myself has really cheered me up!

My patches - Mum took these for me tonight

Saturday, 16 May 2015

For Daisy x

Hi Daisy, your Mum told my Mum that you read my blog and that you just found out you've got alopecia.

It is a bit worrying when you first tell your class mates, I was really nervous when I did but after I did, it was just fine and the more you get used to it the more they get used to it too. They might ask questions but it's usually because they've never heard of it before!

My hair first fell out with some patches a year and a half ago, to start with I used to wear hats and hairbands to hide it. I was a bit scared because I just didn't know what would happen.

You can see more of my bald patches now as my hair used to hide it but the patches are much bigger. I've got about 45 hats, some days I wear a hat, somedays I wear a bandana or a wig (which I've only just got). I don't wear anything for PE or swimming and no-one says anything, everything is just the same, they just know it's me now.

This is me without a wig, with a hat and with my wig

It is a bit nerve racking at the beginning but having alopecia doesn't change who you are. If you ever have any questions you can ask me, I don't know much about alopecia but it's less lonely when you have someone else to talk to who has has it.