Saturday, 16 May 2015

For Daisy x

Hi Daisy, your Mum told my Mum that you read my blog and that you just found out you've got alopecia.

It is a bit worrying when you first tell your class mates, I was really nervous when I did but after I did, it was just fine and the more you get used to it the more they get used to it too. They might ask questions but it's usually because they've never heard of it before!

My hair first fell out with some patches a year and a half ago, to start with I used to wear hats and hairbands to hide it. I was a bit scared because I just didn't know what would happen.

You can see more of my bald patches now as my hair used to hide it but the patches are much bigger. I've got about 45 hats, some days I wear a hat, somedays I wear a bandana or a wig (which I've only just got). I don't wear anything for PE or swimming and no-one says anything, everything is just the same, they just know it's me now.

This is me without a wig, with a hat and with my wig

It is a bit nerve racking at the beginning but having alopecia doesn't change who you are. If you ever have any questions you can ask me, I don't know much about alopecia but it's less lonely when you have someone else to talk to who has has it.