Thursday, 12 December 2013

Feelings & Questions

My Feelings ( with alopecia )

When I first found-out my hair was falling out I was upset because 
I didn't want my hair to fall out and I thought that I was going to get bullied.
Before I went to school I was very frightened so I asked my mum if I could have 
a day off school but she said "N.O SPELLS NO!"(my mum).
At school I feel worried because WAS scared to tell people about my alopecia
because they MIGHT hurt my feelings.
Now I feel happy because of  all the comments from the blog and my friends
because my friends support me.

My questions (about alopecia)
My mum said we are going to see a dermatologist next week (a doctor who specialises in skin)  she said that if all my hair falls out we can get wigs from him. I asked will he know if all my hair will fall out or not because I wanted to see if I needed a wig or not.  Mum said he won't know which is hard because that's all I really want to know, it's the toughest thing about alopecia. It's tough because if a load of it comes out at school I'll be really worried, but no-one knows if it will all fall out or not. We just have to wait and see.


  1. Erin, you are absolutely brilliant. Hair or not, you will still be beautiful, bright and amazing. Love you xx

  2. Erin,u are one of the bravest,strongest little 7yr olds i know and me and Beth love u so much,sending u big hugs and kisses xxxxxxx from Stacey and Beth

  3. You are being so grown about your alopecia sweetheart, and braver than most adults would be. Its always harder when you don't know what exactly is going to happen, but its good to get all the information you might need to deal with it just in case. Its best to try not to worry about something that might happen because it might not happen and all that worry just upsets you. Big hugs, Grandmax

  4. Thanks for commenting on my feelings! <3

  5. You will always be my beautiful little sis and I'm always here for big bro hugs!:)<3


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