Thursday, 27 February 2014

Be Bold Be You Children's Awards

My Awards
On Friday 21st I went to my awesome awards, it was soooo EPIC!
Before the awards I was excited and worried, I was excited because
I have been waiting for ages and I was worried because I thought
that I wouldn’t make any friends.  

                My Friends
 I made a friend called Eleanor, we went in the photo-booth
7 times together! In 1of the photos Sophie (Eleanor’s sister)
 is in it because Sophie jumped in on the 2nd photo of
 the 4 photos.

At The Award Ceremony
  When they were giving out the awards they finally got to
  me and said :“She made a blog for alopecia kids and we
 look at it…………..ERIN WALKER !”and that is how I got
my award. I felt weird and happy because I was proud but it was a bit embarrassing going to the front in front of all the people. When I look at my award it makes me smile.


  1. Thanks for the blog. I really enjoyed it, particularly seeing the photos. I love the one with all the family wearing fancy glasses but my favourite is the last one with you and Eleanor.xLove Grandma.

  2. Sounds like you had an excellent time. So glad you had fun and made new friends. The photo booth photographs made me smile. Love you loads and so glad you won an award - you totally deserved it. xxxx

  3. Very well-deserved award - I always think how valuable your blog will be to other children dealing with alopecia. Loved the photo booth images!!

  4. Well done Erin, I love reading your blog and it seems I'm not the only one! Looks like it was such a fun evening too x

  5. What a lovely blog Erin :) was so nice meeting you, you are AWESOME. Hope to see you soon xoxo

  6. Wowza's Erin. What a great blog. You were really brave to go up in front if all those people. Your award looks really pretty & I LOVE your sparkly shoes! You all looked fab on the night. What lovely memories to keep. Keep up that positive attitude beautiful xxxxxx

  7. Well done Erin and congratulations all around! xx

  8. I've just read some of Erin's blog for the first time and think it's just wonderful! I especially love The Happy Book slideshow, fabulous idea! Very well done Erin keep up the good work x

  9. It was such an AWESOME night! Can't thank the Be Bold team enough, so lovely to meet lots of other girls with alopecia and their Mum's too! Erin you deserved your award so much, you've been an inspiration to me and lots of people. I love you very much xx


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