Thursday, 4 December 2014

Alopecia Friends & Cadbury World

Before the half term I told mum that I was feeling lonely about my alopecia. I haven't met many other people that have got alopecia since the awards. It makes me more confident seeing other people with alopecia because seeing how they feel about their alopecia I know I'm not the only one.

Eleanor & Erin

Mum arranged for me to meet up with Eleanor who I made good friends with at the awards but they live quite far away so we all met in Birmingham and stayed over the night too. We all went to dinner at Nando's. I was really cheerful when I saw Eleanor, she gave me a massive hug! After dinner Eleanor took me to the bathroom to take her wig off and show me that she has some new hair, I was really happy for her. Then I put on her wig and she put on my hat and we went back to the table laughing our heads off to show everyone.

Crazy Kids

The next day we went to Cadbury World, we got loads of free chocolate all the way around. We learnt the history of chocolate. We saw people making chocolate and delivering it then we played in the play ground.

Cadbury's Drumming Gorilla

It was really good to see Eleanor and I really can't wait for Alopecia Camp next summer with BeBold


  1. You are one super cool chick Erin! x

  2. Erin, I had such a lovely time in Birmingham too! Even through times that can sometimes be tough, good can come of it. I've made new friends in other Mum's with children who have alopecia and you've made new friends too. I loved seeing how much you and Eleanor enjoyed yourself and instantly felt more confident just being with each other.
    Love you xx

  3. Hi Erin, just read your blog. I think you are your friend are very brave, it sounds like you had great fun when you met up. I just wanted you to know that I work with a lady who has total alopecia and she wears a wig, it looks so natural. I used to work with someone else who had alopecia, like you it started when she was young. Her hair is very patchy but she just embraces it and is brave enough not to wear a wig. Some people who don't know her may give a strange look - she just ignores them or smiles and says hello!! But to her friends and family, she is just Sarah, like you are just Erin, nothing more is needed to be said.

    Love Beth xx
    (AJ's mum)

  4. Great to read your blog, it seems ages since you wrote one. I think you are absolutely amaze-balls. Cadbury world is pretty fantastic too. Grandad and I went there once with Aunty Nicola when she finished university about 13 or 14 years ago. Yummy.

  5. Hello there,

    My daughter is nine years old. She has had AA since she was six but back then had only a patch in the back of her head, which grew back. Last year she started to lose quite a bit. Her AA became Ophiasis-type. It just kept falling out and now it's been two weeks since we shaved the little she had left.

    We live in Vienna as my husband works for a big international organisation. Pretty lonely over here when something like this is happening -- just trying to find doctors and wig shops and such when you don't even speak the language!

    The children in my daughter's class at school have been very, very kind. We feel very lucky about that. I hope school for Erin is okay too.

    Stay strong, laugh and play anyway!
    Kind regards

    1. Thanks so much for writing, sorry it's taken me so long to reply! Erin's school have been amazing, she only changed schools in september last year and in her first week she did a talk to the class about her alopecia and now it's just normal!
      Big love to both you and your daughter
      Take care xxx


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