Friday, 30 May 2014

Rocco And Luna,

Me & Rocco
Rocco and Luna (my dogs) are crazy, funny, exciting and awesome. They're both shorthaired pointers, basically the same breed. My two crazy puppies sometimes play tug together and sometimes cuddle. Also they both have really soft hair at the back of their ears.

I love them because they have a good sense of humour, silly when they want to be silly, smart and sometimes weird. My puppies are also loving because when you need a cuddle they will go up to you on the sofa and cuddle you when you're sad.
Me & Luna


  1. Hi Erin - love you. You bond with your crazy dogs because you're a little bit crazy too, but that's what we all love about you. xx

  2. AWW cute girl with two adorable dogs - who clearly think you are the best thing EVER

  3. Love the blog. Rocco and Luna clearly love you as much as you love them. (And almost as much as I love you!)

  4. I love our stupid crazy loving dogs too!! love you Erin xx


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