Friday, 20 June 2014

Thank you from Erin

This is Hannah, Erin's Mum, I wanted to write something today too. Erin is a selfless, intelligent, funny, loving, medium-sized girl (she'd kill me if I said little!) She astounds me with how well she deals with her alopecia, some may say she's fortunate that most of her patches are well hidden but she doesn't ignore them. Every now and then she'll ask me to take photos so she can see it, because in most part they are at the back where she cannot see in the mirror. Her hair is still constantly falling out, the patches are merging into areas and we understand that one day it might all just go... it might not either, that's the thing with alopecia, who knows what will happen!

As you can see she's lost a substantial amount over the last 7 months. Some bits seem to have grown again but overall the patch has grown.

Yesterday in the hairdressers she was looking through the colour chart, you know the ones with curls of hair in different colours picking out what colour she'd have if she did go bald (or almost bald) for a wig... she picked a sandy blonde for school and then red and purple for when she's a famous drummer!! This is totally unprompted. She understands we have no control and happily talks about options for different situations. I have told her that if she does lose the majority of her barnet that I will shave mine too for charity!

Erin gets so much from this blog because it shows how much other people care about her and of course it's nice to think that other children with alopecia could read this too. If you go back to when she first found out, the progression of her dealing with alopecia has been positive and quick for a girl of just 8 years old. I'm very proud of her. What neither of us expected was how much people have reached out to show their love, some even send her presents! She's not expecting anything from anyone and has never been a spoilt child so she truly loves everything from words to hats that comes her way. We are both genuinely really touched by everyone's support.

Here is a video we put together last night...
With thanks to Laura from Tea & Honey Bee's Design for the little monsters


  1. Erin I love watching you drumming! You're so, so good, I still can't believe you only started drumming properly in February this year!! I don't think you are lucky that so many people care, I think so many people care because you are Erin and so easy to love.
    Big love always my gorgeous medium sized rockstar drummer!!! xxx

  2. Erin, I am so impressed with your drumming, you are very good! Stay brave gorgeous girl. Love Jocelyn xxx

  3. Great drumming Erin! Stephanie Belton

  4. Lovely video Erin and hannah, Angela Paton

  5. Thank you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Totally AWESOME drumming Erin! You're positivity and strength is a true inspiration. Don't ever let anything get you down :) x

  7. Ann-marie Payne20 June 2014 at 17:52

    Erin you are awesome...wish i could play the drums like that. Xxx

  8. Thrashing those skins!! Love u both millions x

  9. Awesome what a rock star erin!! Love reading your blogs really inspiring xxx from the howells


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