Wednesday, 24 June 2015

NHS Wig fitting!

Today I went back to the orthotics for my NHS wig. There's a children's waiting room with colouring and a TV with cbbc on! Everyone there is really nice, especially Sarah, she's the hairdresser.

Sarah had ordered in 3 wigs, one was too dark, one was too auburn and one was juuuust right! (sounds like goldilocks!!). Sarah put the best wig on me without looking in the mirror until it was all on so it was a surprise.

When she showed me in the mirror I thought "wow" it looked like human hair, literally! But it's synthetic! I really liked the length too, it's shorter than my other wig and has a fringe.

My new wig!
She helped me to put it on by myself which has helped my confidence as I want to be able to do it myself. It will be much easier for swimming at school and things now I can do it myself.

I was a bit upset this week after even more hair has fallen out so getting a new wig today AND learning how to put it on all by myself has really cheered me up!

My patches - Mum took these for me tonight

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