Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Head Shave for Alopecia UK

Because so much of my hair has fallen out now I wanted to shave it. Dad said he would shave his too so I didn't have to do it on my own. Mum suggested we get some donations for Alopecia UK too as they've really been good for us.

I was really nervous and Mum said as it's the summer holidays I could get my ears pierced to cheer me up. It was scarier getting my ears pierced than getting my head shaved!! They used a weird gun thing to put the earrings in.

After a day chilling with Mum and Jake I shaved my Dad's head! First we shaved it into a mohican for a laugh, we all thought he actually looked pretty cool! He felt soft like puppies ears!!

When it was my turn I was nervous and excited. We shaved mine into a mini mohican too and I decided it was really cool so decided to keep it with that little bit on top! It was a surprise to see exactly how much has fallen out now it's shaved... one side looks like a leopard!


So far (when we wrote this) I've raised £530.50, our target was only £100!!!! I feel so proud at how much I raised, click this link to donate....

When I first looked in the mirror I can't believe how much I liked it, I even feel better about my alopecia.

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