Monday, 24 August 2015

BeBold Alopecia Kids Camp

5 Favourite things about BeBold Alopecia Camp for Kids

THE THEME: It was an Indian & cowboy theme. It makes it even more fun with the guns and bows & arrows I ran through the forrest shooting indians (I was a cowgirl).

THE TALENT SHOW: seeing all the other kids sing, dance etc, with confidence with their alopecia, it made me want to do it next year. PS I'm going to be playing the drums.

MARSHMALLOWS AROUND THE CAMP FIRE: there was loads of different sized marshmallows (huge, small etc) plus I love cooking and eating them.

MAKING FRIENDS: I made new friends and also met old friends. It's excellent to be around other kids with alopecia because I know I'm not alone.

SAMSAM BUBBLE MAN: there's this bubble man who also has alopecia. With 9 world records, 3 blue peter badges! He's made a bubble so big 50 people could fit in it! And made a bubble with 56 bubbles inside!
me blowing a bubble with my hands

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